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Guys are not that complicated. In one sentence, they’re programmed to want what they can’t have–simple. But how are you supposed to achieve that when your biggest crush can’t even spare a second to notice you?

Well, his secret obsession by James Bauer believes the real secret is exceedingly simple; just make the guy think of you as a “gorgeous goddess” he can’t have. Then later on, drop a few hints and watch him as he comes for you–not the other way round.

Here are some additional tips:

Learn the guy mind

Like already mentioned, the guy mind is simple—they always hanker for what they possibly can’t have. Be it glory, food, land, or beautiful women, they always take the risk to get them. And, as much as they still love getting things the easy way, they naturally don’t appreciate the true value of anything they got without putting in a fight. In fact that explains why it never pays out if a girl makes the first move on a guy. So unless your crush has you in his “can’t have” list, there’s a greater possibility he will never think of dating you. To be on the safe side, don’t make yourself too available. He’ll start noticing you.

Give him your attention

Guys like being noticed. They like it when a girl gives them more attention than the rest of the guys. That way, he’ll be wondering if you’re just being friendly or you’re somehow interested in him.

While talking to him, try staring at him back. But do so in a cute way. Also, when he’s among his friends doing something, feel free to throw some random glances at him; and ensure he sees you doing that.

Be warm and sweet to his friends

Another possible trick you can use to make a guy like you is by being warm and sweet towards his friends. Whenever you meet up with his friends, stay a little longer and chat. Impress his friends with your sweetness and wits, and watch as they (unknowingly) become your evangelists. But, while doing this, be careful enough not to give the impression that you’re only doing this because of you’re interested in him.

Flirt with other guys

Of course, that’s the only guy you’re interested in. But rules don’t change—don’t let it appear like getting you is that easy. When he’s around, well and good; give him all the attention he needs, but don’t ignore the other guys. Let him feel a little jealous. Let him know that if he doesn’t act up really fast, someone may soon take the chance and he’d have lost you, forever.

Stay focused with your life

You have a life besides dating the guy you like, right? Let this be clear from the word go. Don’t let it appear like the guy can actually have you any time he wishes. More importantly, don’t start ignoring your friends simply because your crush now notices you or he can at laest spare some minutes just to talk to you. If at all, this should be time when you’re spending more time with your friends and not the guy. Keep doing what you were used to before the guy came into picture. That way, the guy will start viewing you differently than the other girls.

Stay confident

We’ve all come across this adage at some point, “there’s nothing more attractive than a woman who’s comfortable in her own skin.” So unless you learn to see yourself differently there’s no way you will ever attract the guy you like into your life. And in case you do, then be rest assured he won’t stay.