Guys are not that complicated. In one sentence, they’re programmed to want what they can’t have–simple. But how are you supposed to achieve that when your biggest crush can’t even spare a second to notice you?

Well, his secret obsession by James Bauer believes the real secret is exceedingly simple; just make the guy think of you as a “gorgeous goddess” he can’t have. Then later on, drop a few hints and watch him as he comes for you–not the other way round.

Here are some additional tips:

Learn the guy mind

Like already mentioned, the guy mind is simple—they always hanker for what they possibly can’t have. Be it glory, food, land, or beautiful women, they always take the risk to get them. And, as much as they still love getting things the easy way, they naturally don’t appreciate the true value of anything they got without putting in a fight. In fact that explains why it never pays out if a girl makes the first move on a guy. So unless your crush has you in his “can’t have” list, there’s a greater possibility he will never think of dating you. To be on the safe side, don’t make yourself too available. He’ll start noticing you.

Give him your attention

Guys like being noticed. They like it when a girl gives them more attention than the rest of the guys. That way, he’ll be wondering if you’re just being friendly or you’re somehow interested in him.

While talking to him, try staring at him back. But do so in a cute way. Also, when he’s among his friends doing something, feel free to throw some random glances at him; and ensure he sees you doing that.

Be warm and sweet to his friends

Another possible trick you can use to make a guy like you is by being warm and sweet towards his friends. Whenever you meet up with his friends, stay a little longer and chat. Impress his friends with your sweetness and wits, and watch as they (unknowingly) become your evangelists. But, while doing this, be careful enough not to give the impression that you’re only doing this because of you’re interested in him.

Flirt with other guys

Of course, that’s the only guy you’re interested in. But rules don’t change—don’t let it appear like getting you is that easy. When he’s around, well and good; give him all the attention he needs, but don’t ignore the other guys. Let him feel a little jealous. Let him know that if he doesn’t act up really fast, someone may soon take the chance and he’d have lost you, forever.

Stay focused with your life

You have a life besides dating the guy you like, right? Let this be clear from the word go. Don’t let it appear like the guy can actually have you any time he wishes. More importantly, don’t start ignoring your friends simply because your crush now notices you or he can at laest spare some minutes just to talk to you. If at all, this should be time when you’re spending more time with your friends and not the guy. Keep doing what you were used to before the guy came into picture. That way, the guy will start viewing you differently than the other girls.

Stay confident

We’ve all come across this adage at some point, “there’s nothing more attractive than a woman who’s comfortable in her own skin.” So unless you learn to see yourself differently there’s no way you will ever attract the guy you like into your life. And in case you do, then be rest assured he won’t stay.

Today, Yoga is a very popular exercise for relaxation that many women take part in. Yoga is derived from a form of Hindu meditation and includes breathing control, simple and complex meditation, and adopting certain body postures and positions. All over the internet and television you may see advertisements for yoga studios and yoga dens. It is a is a quickly growing trend among women in today’s society. There are hundreds of yoga positions for every different person. There are yoga positions specifically for busy women, stressed women, sleep-less women, and so on.

Women’s Health magazine recently released an article titled, “10 Best Yoga Poses For Women”. In this article, the top ten positions are listed and the reasons why they are so good for you. Number one, Child’s Pose is good for you because it opens up your hips and releases lower back tension and tightness. Downward Dog, a very popular yoga pose, increases your blood circulation since your hips are higher than your heart. The Tree Pose is one of the best yoga poses that helps your become centered when your mind is scattered or when you are worried about something.

Many other magazines about women’s health have released similar articles about yoga for different types of women. Yoga is known for lowering blood pressure, increasing your circulation, lowering your bad cholesterol, and lowering your ultimate risk of heart disease as you age. Ultimately, yoga improves your entire circulatory system. Yoga also improves your flexibility, strengthens your muscles, perfects your posture, prevents cartilage and joint breakdown, protects your spine, improves the healthy of your bones, drains your lymphs, and boosts immunity.

Yoga can be practiced at anytime during the day, but it recommended to either do it just as your wake up or just as your are about to go to sleep. Its is recommended in the morning because the morning means it is a new day, and a new day deserves a fresh start. It relieves stress from the day before and allows you to start a stress free day. Yoga in the morning is your “me-time”. It is your time to yourself. Yoga is also a way to neglect coffee, it is restoring in its own way! This simple meditation is a way of becoming happy and starting off your day with a smile.

Yoga is also recommended right before bed for similar reasons. It helps you to wind down after a busy or stressful day. It helps you take your mind off of everything and have a couple of minutes to yourself. This simple meditation helps you to calm down and relax. If you do not have time to do yoga in the morning, no problem! If you bring yoga into your nightly routine, you will have more time and not feel as rushed. It is also helpful when trying to fall asleep and has proven to improve the lifestyles of so many women in this world. It is an ongoing trend that is growing very quickly. So, go try some yoga!

If you are concerned about your health and fitness, a question that is always in the back of your mind may be, “is this a food I should stop eating?” There are three easy steps to help answer these nagging questions. Avoid foods that are processed. These can usually be found in the frozen food department at your grocery store and come with sleek packaging and beautiful pictures on the box.

Don’t be fooled however, this is a food you should stop eating. When foods come prepared and processed they do add convenience to our lives, but there is a negative trade off. Many of the ingredients used to prepare a meal are best prepared fresh and meant to be cooked and consumed right away. To get around this manufacturers must add preservatives, artificial substances, and other various ingredients that are impossible to pronounce. This dilutes the nutritious value of the healthy ingredients included in the food.

Another aspect of processed foods that many health conscious people overlook is the fact that they are mass produced. Processed foods are made in huge batches. Often, the main ingredients may measure in the hundreds of pounds range with the individual serving extruded only at the end of a long process of machines and robots.

In contrast, gourmet chefs and elite athletes often prepare the best tasting and most nutritious meals one plate at a time. Every ingredient is carefully selected and measured for a purpose. This attention to detail in small batch cooking sets it apart from it’s counterpart sitting on a shelf in the grocery store.

Avoid foods that have a high content of one ingredient such as sugar or salt. Our taste buds are designed so that we naturally enjoy the types of food we need for a healthy balanced diet. This served a very good evolutionary purpose, but in modern times where excess is king, it is easy to go too far. Our ancestors needed sweet ingredients like honey in their diet along with the salty minerals for healthy living. Taste buds were a natural guide. However, in today’s world, it is easy to go overboard with a sugar filled drink or a bottomless bag of salty chips.

Avoid food that is fast. Fast food often combine the worst of both worlds when it comes to processed food and overloading one ingredient. On top of that, our bodies were not designed to eat on the go. Proper digestion only occurs when we take a break from our busy lives to enjoy the sustaining succulence of a good meal in peace and tranquillity.